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"I've read over 50 books and counting. I only started 12 months ago. Don't let anything come in the way of your pursuit for knowledge. Not even dyslexia..."

- Austin Okolo

• My time management was awful 

• I was not a morning person and never got a good nights sleep

• I lacked confidence in many areas of my life

• My money management was terrible for both my business and my personal life

All this changed when i started reading.

I received my first book, 'I Am My Brand: How To Build Your Brand Without Apology' from branding expert Kubi Springer as a gift. Although it was flattering, I found it difficult to read as I battled with dyslexia. But a few chapters later (with persistence), I discovered the hidden secret behind reading and harnessed the power through a multitude of books I began to read after. At age 21, I'm the founder of an award-winning fashion brand, genetics undergraduate, semi-pro footballer and most importantly living a purpose-filled life! 

Reading has changed my life and I'm sure with the right book recommendations it will change yours. I want to share the hidden book gems with you. That is why every Monday I'll be sending you a value-filled newsletter of my latest reads with key insights and practical lessons from each. Don't worry, I'll be covering a range of different genres. 

What to expect?: 

  • A free bookmark!
  • Access to a daily reading accountability discord group.
  • Monthly zoom calls where we break down the book, lessons learnt and how we can apply them.
  • Exclusive access to book club events and resources.
  • Weekly book recommendation newsletter with key takeaways.

The benefits of being a subscriber: 

  • Join a community of like-minded and driven individuals.
  • Get held accountable on your self-improvement/reading journey.
  • Powerful and impactful monthly zoom calls with exceptional individuals.
  • life changing books straight to your door step.
  • Free access to all live events.
  • Never run out of books for your reading list.
  • Bite size book takeaways from the newsletter with information you can take with you into the week.

The monthly cost of being a subscriber:

  • £14.99

To begin with I will only be taking on a few people due to the platform i am using only allowing me to take on a certain number of people so subscribe early to avoid disappointment. 

"Those that do not read have no advantage over those that can't."  Mark Twain